Eight Weeks Goes by FAST!

Wow.  Back to school bus driving this morning after being off for eight weeks (due to surgery).  After I got over the early morning rise at 6:00 a.m., (for the first time in eight weeks) it was a welcome feeling and I’m sure glad to be back at it again.  I missed the kids.  The mornings are still dark but that will soon be changing too.  Actually it is already changing, gradually, but it’s still too early to notice yet, but … the days are getting longer.  Spring is on it’s way ……. Yipeeeee!!!  Yahoooo!!!

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Wow!  I didn’t realize laughter actually has scientific medical benefits … and there is a Yoga Laughter School (founded by Madan Kataria – http://mentalfloss.com/article/539632/scientific-benefits-having-laugh).  Who knew?  I have always noticed that laughter is contagious.  I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear someone who has a hearty laugh laughing.  Lots of times when that happens I don’t even know why I’m laughing.  I’m just laughing because their laugh is infectious and I catch it.  It’s a great thing to catch!  There’s a wealth of information about laughter and it’s health benefits.  Let’s keep on laughing and spread it around!

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Christmas is fast approaching …

… and of course, I’m not ready.  Not nearly ready.  Barely even started kind of not ready.  Yikes!  I did it again this year.  I promised myself (last Christmas) that I would start early and be ready this year … but … um ….  I didn’t … and now there are nine days left to get ready.  And by getting ready I’m talking about finishing putting up some decorations, Christmas shopping for everybody’s gifts (which admittedly has gotten much easier with online shopping and eGift cards) baking, preparing some kind of menu for Christmas dinner … and then trying to round everyone up or at least get them to respond to my texts about what day we are all available and able to get together for dinner.  Not too much pressure though, just a little.  It’s not like there are tons of us … we’re just a small group … the preparation and details have diminished over the years, as has the size of our group … and I find that a bit melancholy, but in the spirit of things, I must keep pushing forward and keeping my spirits high and festive! Cheers!

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Overcoming Negativity

I was once given this affirmation to repeat to myself:  I will use the things I have in my favour, including my skills, luck, and other abilities to overcome any insurmountable mountain in front of me.  If I have the right attitude and approach I should have absolutely no problem making it to the other side and moving forward in my life’s goals. …

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Killing With Kindness

When someone is purposely hurting other people with hateful lies and stories, and the things they are doing are illegal, do you report them or not?  This kind of person I am talking about is hateful and vengeful, and will purposely cause harm to someone else, particularly if someone tries to illuminate their bad behavior.  How can we deal with people like that?  I have come to the conclusion that a good reproach would be to kill them with kindness.  Most bitter and revengeful people don’t know what to do with kindness and love when it is shoved at them.  They recoil in horror.  That in itself is gratifying and entertaining.

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Alienation …

… is harmful, hurtful and hateful.  It’s simply negative energy.  Why do people do this to other people?  What kind of people practice alienation?  Are they hateful people or are they broken and sad people on their insides?  I think they are broken and hurt and they need the world to know they are hurting.  But at the same time, they want the world to think they are wonderful and powerful people, so they practice alienation.  They spread hate and pain and lies about other people.  What they gain from that is very minimal and empty.  That’s just my opinion, but I am speaking from experience.  I have been alienated by a very hateful, spiteful person who has caused pain and damage to me and others.  And the lies, disrespect and hate continue to flow freely.  Eventually it will find it’s way back to the originator of this negative energy.  Here are some words that define alienatinon:  estrange, make unfriendly, disaffect, set against, distance, push away, separate from, isolate, keep apart from, turn away from, turn your back on

Have you been alienated and hurt by someone’s hate?

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Tough Love

….. is hard on everybody until it kicks in.  Then it gets easier, but not.  There is a wealth of information online about tough love which is a good thing.  A parent who is on their own, who has to dole out tough love to an adult child needs some kind of support to get through the ordeal.  Right now, that’s me and I have found a wealth of information that is very helpful to me.  If this is you too, hopefully some of these links to online information can also help you.  Check out:




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Sometimes you just have to wonder …..

Why is it that people can just simply make comments and observations about other people, true or not, and not be held accountable for their destructive words?  Defamation of another person’s character can be very damaging and hurtful, yet the person who defames another person does not have to answer to such behavior.  Why is that?



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Last Day …..

Well, this is it.  The last day of the school year, the last day of bus driving until next September.  It’s bitter-sweet, happy-sad.  It’s nice to look forward to the summer break but it’s a bit emotional saying good-bye to the kids for the summer too.  And it is heart-warming to receive gifts and well wishes from the students.  Enjoy summer while it’s here and have a safe and happy holiday!  See you in September kids.

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School Bus Drivers

The school year is quickly coming to an end and soon the buses will be parked for the summer.  Phew!  What a busy year filled with some good things and some not so good things.  How did your school year go?  Tell me your stories and experiences …… will you be back in September?

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